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About Us

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The company’s journey began when founders Sebastian and Wendy Chia learned of their child Ryan’s intolerance to gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, egg and yeast.

They searched beyond the local market, sourcing through online retailers and making personal trips internationally to look for a better range of dietary products to support their child and the local community with intolerances. This dedication to help the local community led to the establishment of Alternative Selection and its grocery front - Ryan's Grocery.

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Alternative Selection is the first wholesaler and retailer of alternative gourmet, organic, allergen and preservative free specialty foods in Singapore. Products and services offered include full comprehensive range of organic meat (beef, lamb and chicken), full comprehensive range of free-range meat (beef, lamb, pork and game meat), value added meat products alongside gluten-free pastries, superfood, sauces and condiments.

The company provides a broad range of food services, from customization of small goods like sausages, meatballs and meat platters, to comprehensive development of gluten free menus for acclaimed restaurants and hotels in Singapore. We currently supply to shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels throughout Singapore.


Our Belief

We Believe:

  • In sourcing directly from like-minded farmers who practice stringent sustainable and responsible sourcing

  • In offering healthy choices with full product traceability

  • In supplying quality and tasty products

  • In supporting the local community of customers with intolerances